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How to green-up your staycation in Gower

Posted by Lucy Farnworth on
How to green-up your staycation in Gower

Part of the reason behind BorrowBay was to offer visitors to Gower a more eco-friendly way to enjoy their holiday. So, if you are looking to make greener choices on holiday, you might be wondering where to start. Here are a few ideas:

1) You've probably already made the biggest green choice there is by not flying abroad and enjoying a UK holiday - high five!

2) Hire an electric vehicle - if you're travelling a long distance to your UK holiday, hiring an electric vehicle would significantly cut down the environmental impact of your holiday. While you are here, there are plenty of lovely costal walks and easily accessible beaches so you can leave your car at (the holiday) home.

3) Hire don't buy - there are so many extras that come with a beach holiday in the UK these days. No more shivering in a swimsuit while you weigh up whether to put your head under! These days wetsuits offer a way to enjoy the sea for longer. There are more options than a surf board too - bodyboards or SUP boards are great ways to have fun and enjoy the surf. There are plenty of places in Gower to hire good quality boards and wetsuits, so you won't need to buy a cheap polystyrene bodyboard you'll never use again!

4) Solar products - why not use the holiday to introduce the kids to solar energy! If you're camping, there are plenty of solar gadgets to help you charge your phone or power-up your lights. BorrowBay stock both solar phone chargers and solar camping lights.

5) Buy small, buy local - one of the pleasures of going on holiday is often sampling the local tipples or tasty treats. In Gower we are blessed with a huge variety of local spirits, breads, cheeses, honey, cakes and pastries to name just a few. By buying from local producers not only are you supporting small businesses, but you are also reducing the carbon footprint of less local products. You'll be glad you did, they're delicious!


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